Cleartel Services


Prepaid VoIP Services

Cleartel branded call shops are designed to be integrated with existing cyber cafes or other businesses where there is a need for people to phone home.

Our international rates are competitive when compared to the mobile networks and are structured to provide our agents with an ongoing income stream from commissions.

To offer Cleartel services, all you need is an unshaped broadband connection, spare network ports and space for our handsets.


How does it work?

Once your application has been approved, we will invoice you a setup fee. Once your setup fee has been cleared, we will programme a VPN router, as well as the number of IP phones that you have requested. These will then be shipped to you.

On receipt of your equipment, one port of the VPN router is to be plugged into your existing network infrastructure, while your IP phones are to be plugged into the other ports. The IP phones will then communicate with our voice gateways over a secure tunnel.

Once a user has dialled their destination number, he or she will be asked for their voucher number. This voucher number is entered, and the user can call until the voucher is used up. Any remaining balance can be used for another call.

We do not offer call-back services. Users can phone out, but cannot receive calls.


What does it cost?

Because each solution is unique to your business, we will develop a solution based on your needs and quote you accordingly.

Contact us with your requirements and one of our experts will be in touch.